About us

chicken-caravans_about-usChris and Michelle Winterton have been producing free range eggs since 2012. 

We are the custodians of 57 acres of beautiful undulating country in Bona-Vista, West Gippsland. Bonnie View Farm has been in the Winterton family  since 1906. The farm has been used for a range of enterprises over the years including dairy cattle, ostrich farming and calf rearing. Free range egg farming has proven to be the most suitable farming enterprise for this land.

We started in 2012 by utilising existing ostrich pens and sheds – ideal we thought, but over the next 12 months we realised fixed shedding is not the best way forward, due to the over use and a build up of manure. Also the labour input was much higher because the pens needed to be regularly cleaned out. This encouraged Chris to design and build his own chicken trailer which is proving to be the most eco friendly and efficient way to produce free range eggs.

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